You might be asking yourself Is legit? Is it a scam? Can it be trusted? It is unfortunate that in the Fake ID industry our competitors will do anything to get ahead. They are annoyed that we’re as successful as we are and some even write fake reviews on fake websites. It is for this reason we have decided to put together PROOF from REAL WEBSITES and EVIDENCE to show you why we are, and always have been 100% legit.


PROOF 1) OUR WATERMARKED PICTURES. We put our logo on all of the photos of the Fake ID cards we make. This is to stop others from stealing our photo, and also helps you see that this is really our own product. The other websites have a couple of blurry stolen online photos, but none of them have HIGH RESOLUTION photos of each of the states with OUR LOGO proudly on top of our product:


Proof 2) Customer Review written by a customer on the Reddit Fake ID Reviews page – Check here FakeIDAustralia Reddit Review and Here for another Review

photo Junior For Novelty K Personaliz Ids - Kids Epic Class License Driver's

Proof 3) We appear on the well-known Reddit Fake ID ‘verified vendors list’ or ‘VVL’. You can see it at the following link:University East make Degree Diploma Uk Buy buy Degree Certificate make Uel Of buy Degree London Diploma (page has been deleted by Reddit) It is run by a team of expert admins who update the list weekly and only allow people to be listed who have passed checks and have been reviewed by independent customers.

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PROOF 4) We don’t appear in any of the following well known, well-researched “Fake ID Scammers” lists:




PROOF 5) There are real reviews posted on (a famous Australian Fake ID review/seller website which was even featured in Business Insider Magazine and Yahoo News

Read OzzyFakeID Review by clicking here:

As you can see there are reputable, trustworthy websites which back up the legitimacy of our company, but the biggest proof is right in front of you. Anybody can write an anonymous ‘review’.. not anybody can show picture proof of real drivers licenses as seen above.


Premiumfakes California Scannable Fake Id Buy com
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