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In today’s Bouncer Tips video, we will show you the features of the Ohio ID card and we will give tips to spotting a fake ID from Ohio. We will also breakdown the features of the Ohio Real ID card that complies with the federal law that goes in effect in 2020. We will do a direct comparison of a legitimate Ohio ID and a fake ID from Ohio.
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  • How many IDs do you confiscate on average every time you work the door? What % of "young" looking people would you say use a fake at your club?

    Connor Adelsberger Entertainment Fake Free Card Maker Android Id Download Apk For App Aylar önce
    • My club doesn't get as many anymore, the word is out that my club is difficult to get in. We only get two to three a weekend. But I've worked several clubs in the Scottsdale market. I've taken as many as 10-12 per night. Most people coming to clubs are of age. Would say percentages would be higher in a college club.

      Rich Lyrics It Kid – Made The Genius HrHqUwCTx BouncerTips Aylar önce
  • Do a Pennsylvania ID, the new ID design and old design please!!!!!

    Enok Reinli Aylar önce
  • Subscribed

    Shari Krouskoupf ,Warner 2 aylar önce
    • Thank you for Subscribing to my channel! Welcome!

      BouncerTips 2 aylar önce
  • Can you do NY id's?

    james burke 2 aylar önce
    • Thanks for watching James! I need to get my hands on a real New York I'd before I can do a comparison video. But I will try to get one soon.

      BouncerTips 2 aylar önce
  • Question, on this ID is the background color for the picture always blue or can it vary and be white sometimes too?

    Ryan McDougall 3 aylar önce
    • A far as I can tell all the backgrounds should be blue. But there might be some county in Ohio that uses a white background. If an ID is question look at other features, but you always have the right to refuse entry.

      BouncerTips 3 aylar önce
  • Ever seen any fake Washington ids come through your club? Just curious to see how prevalent they are down there.

    Logan 3 aylar önce
    • We have had a few, but not many. Other then Cali we dont get a lot of fakes from western states for some reason?

      BouncerTips 3 aylar önce
  • Do all bouncers need a security guard license

    Logan Android Download Card For Maker Free Entertainment Apk App Id Fake 3 aylar önce
    • Very cool! That's awesome.

      BouncerTips 3 aylar önce
    • BouncerTips thanks, a family friend of mine wanted me to help check ids at a little pub.

      Logan 3 aylar önce
    • It depends where you live and what's in your state liquor law. In Arizona, you must have your Title IV liquor certification, however some municipalities here require special certifications. For example, Scottsdale AZ has a mandatory certification for nightclub crowd management and fire response, and since I work so close with Scottsdale clubs I have take that certification also. The State of Arizona on the other hand, does not require Bouncers to have a Guard Card that people that do uniformed security work are required to have. So it depends. Hope that helps. Thanks for watching!

      BouncerTips 3 aylar önce
  • Hello bouncer tips I just Have some questions. Since I am looking into becoming one. Is it good to have a martial arts background ( I have done krav maga, mma, and karate) and why are there more fat or big bouncers then small and skinny I am assuming becuase of intimidation but I know a lot of people who aren't scared of fat people

    artom moradian 4 aylar önce
    • I created this channel to help people in the industry and help teach people about the industry I love. I wouldn't be doing my job if I did respond to my viewers. Thanks for watching and let me know if you have more questions. I'm here to help.

      BouncerTips 4 aylar önce
    • +BouncerTips yes thank you so much, it seems really good if you to answer people's questions. Keep up the good work

      artom moradian 4 aylar önce
    • Nothing to do with intimidation, I mean they are physically harder to move. When dealing with big groups of people sometimes you need someone to hold ground. Bigger guys are better at hunkering down and holding a line. Lighter guys can get swept up in the momentum of a moving crowd. That's all I meant. Hope that helps.

      BouncerTips 4 aylar önce
    • +BouncerTips thanks for answering, when you mean big guys harder to move what do you mean, and do smaller people usually get more intimidated when it's a fat guy

      artom moradian 4 aylar önce
    • Thanks for watching! First off size does not matter, I've hired small guys, "fat" guys, muscular guys, and even women... it doesnt matter! What does matter is... your ability to communicate effectively. If you can't talk your way out of a highly charged situation, you won't last long in the industry. Having a mma background is helpful but not required to do the job. As getting into physical altercations should be the last resort. I will say however, big guys are harder to move and harder to get around which sometimes is a good thing in crowd control.

      BouncerTips 4 aylar önce
  • Will you be doing a video on the new Ohio ID's coming out this year?

    Tracer Films 4 aylar önce
    • My ID was deliver to me by +1 470 588 5155 or +1 3015314807

      Mark Obenson Aylar önce
    • Will do. Thanks for watching!

      BouncerTips 3 aylar önce
    • Yeah I know scanners aren't the magic tool for it, but might become a popular alternative to a good eye and dispatch. Tracer Films is my channel where I make Lego Stop Motion animations and sometimes live action shorts. Feel free to check it out and give your comments.

      Tracer Films 3 aylar önce
    • Scanners are a tool, and have there place in the industry but are easily fooled. The quality manufactures have no issues programming info into the bar code and mag strip. Until they implement RFID chips that transmit data scanners can ve beat more often than a human with a good eye. Btw....What is Tracer Films about?

      BouncerTips 3 aylar önce
    • I predict that we might see more agencies and companies running new ID's through a scanner. If it's a fake, you're out. If it's real but the scanner doesn't pick up, sorry but you gotta fix your ID.

      Tracer Films 3 aylar önce
  • Also, the barcode on the back on most Ohio fake ID's is almost double the size of a real one. Thanks for the video!

    Kyle Belluomini 4 aylar önce
    • Thanks for the tip and thanks for watching!

      BouncerTips 4 aylar önce
  • Hi! I just wanted to say I really appreciate your videos and the effort you put into them. I find them very informative and entertaining to watch. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Android Maker Fake Apk App Download Id Card For Free Entertainment elharty 4 aylar önce
    • Thank you very much for the kind words. I will continue to try and make content that is helpful to people in the industry. Let me know if there are any topics you are interested in me covering? Again thanks for watching!

      BouncerTips 4 aylar önce
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  • Damn, I had no idea my fake was that bad. I did the crease test cus I had an extra one and it did just what you showed! Thx for the video :) now I’m probably not gonna use it again 😂

    Logan 4 aylar önce
    • All the colors were slightly off. The background of the pictures whee far to blue. I don't mention the color as a tell because the person checking the ID might not one to compare it too.

      BouncerTips 4 aylar önce
    • BouncerTips is it just me, on the fake you showed, the color behind the word Ohio on the top looks off color.

      Logan 4 aylar önce
    • That is very common on most Fakes with an overlay. I usually can tell before I even bend it because of the way it feels in my hand, but I been at it for a while. Thanks for watching!

      BouncerTips 4 aylar önce
      Apk Id Card Android App Maker Download Entertainment Free Fake For
  • Please remember to Like and Subscribe! What other IDs would you like to have a closer look at?

    BouncerTips 4 aylar önce
    • Thanks for watching! Some IDs are really good. But you can usually find one flaw. The photo quality too high, color pallet differences or if they have laser perferations being inconsistent are usual tells. But in limited time it can be tough. But usually going with your gut is best and remember you can choose to serve or not.

      BouncerTips 4 aylar önce
    • I am a bartender and I have to say the best fake I have ever seen was the New Pennsylvania. The only reason I took it away was because the kid couldn't tell me the capital of PA and couldn't remember his zip code (the fake one he used for the ID that is). I later examined it more closely and couldn't find any noticeable difference between the real. It even had microprinting, holograms/OVI, and was able to bend!

      luckystrike 4 aylar önce
    • Thanks For watching! I don't have a new Pennsylvania but I have several old versions. Once I get my hands one, I will put a video together.

      BouncerTips 4 aylar önce
    • Can you do the new Pennsylvania ID?

      luckystrike 4 aylar önce
      Game Game Video Video Wikipedia Wikipedia Game Video Wikipedia Video BTzqzI
  • Yes! I’ve been waiting. Thanks for the upload!

    Logan 4 aylar önce
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